Titan Fall Exclusive Xbox One Game

Titan Fall Exclusive Xbox One GameTitan Fall was announced this year at E3 2013 and it looks amazing!  Most of the developers use to work for Infinity Ward as well.  Keep in mind that Infinity Ward made the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games.  So at heart this is a revamped COD for Xbox One that is Exclusive!  That’s a big deal but what is an even bigger deal is the details on this game.  A talk with reps at Respawn Entertainment revealed that Titan Fall currently only runs properly on a Xbox One.  This is due to the Microsoft cloud system that many devs are very excited about.  Respawn is making a PC version of Titan Fall but it will clearly not be as good.  The Respawn Rep said the Xbox One makes use of the Cloud System and the PC just won’t have that.

The Respawn Reps where also asked about how the Titan suit will fit into multiplier.  They said that every player gets their own Titan to call in.  No one will be able to steal your Titan it will be yours and yours only to control.  I would imagine you can customize the way you look and the way your Titan will look like as well.  They also made a point to say that in testing people don’t always just call the Titan in.  Some people really enjoy playing as the Pilot aka the normal human with no suit.  As a pilot your very agile and can still bring down a Titan.  In the Game play demo we see the pilot put his Titan into a Guardian mode as he jumps out.  It appeared to be a stationary turret at that point.  It is cool to see they can still be active in combat when your not controlling one. Then the Pilot jumps back in after taking a checkpoint.  Check the game play and trailer out it will blow you away! I love the part at the very end when the guy ejects from his titan and is shot into the air.  Then lands on an enemy Titan and brings it down by shooting some key parts of the titan armor!

titan fall gameplay xbox one titan fall gameplay xbox onetitan fall gameplay xbox one

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